Friday, February 24, 2012

Chic DIY Art

One of the things I want to ensure our new home has is layers and layers of art.  I have noticed that every home I love is filled with beautiful art.  And, as many of you know, art can be terribly expensive.

So, today I thought I'd leave you with some very chic DIY projects for affordable art.  I found all of these via pinterest.  I seriously can't wait to try them these when we are back home.

Here, they cut out circles from a poster board, spray painted it gold, layered it on fiberboard in a fish-scale pattern and framed it.  So beautiful and graphic!  Such a great idea if you are in need of a large piece of artwork and don't want to spend a lot of money.  

Ribba frames (from Ikea) spray painted gold.  They look amazing and high-end.  Who doesn't want a touch of metallic in their home?

Definitely not a new idea, but framing a vintage scarf is instantaneous artwork.  I am on the hunt for a vintage scarf while here in Vienna.  

So clever.  Framing a letter, postcard or memento that has sentimental value. I particularly like how they framed the envelope along with the letter.  Given where technology is going, handwritten notes will be a thing of the past - what a great way to preserve meaningful letters, notes, etc.  

Aren't all of these so great and doable?  That is my kind of DIY - super easy, affordable and looks design worthy!!  Have a great weekend guys!!  Bis bald....