Friday, February 24, 2012

Chic DIY Art

One of the things I want to ensure our new home has is layers and layers of art.  I have noticed that every home I love is filled with beautiful art.  And, as many of you know, art can be terribly expensive.

So, today I thought I'd leave you with some very chic DIY projects for affordable art.  I found all of these via pinterest.  I seriously can't wait to try them these when we are back home.

Here, they cut out circles from a poster board, spray painted it gold, layered it on fiberboard in a fish-scale pattern and framed it.  So beautiful and graphic!  Such a great idea if you are in need of a large piece of artwork and don't want to spend a lot of money.  

Ribba frames (from Ikea) spray painted gold.  They look amazing and high-end.  Who doesn't want a touch of metallic in their home?

Definitely not a new idea, but framing a vintage scarf is instantaneous artwork.  I am on the hunt for a vintage scarf while here in Vienna.  

So clever.  Framing a letter, postcard or memento that has sentimental value. I particularly like how they framed the envelope along with the letter.  Given where technology is going, handwritten notes will be a thing of the past - what a great way to preserve meaningful letters, notes, etc.  

Aren't all of these so great and doable?  That is my kind of DIY - super easy, affordable and looks design worthy!!  Have a great weekend guys!!  Bis bald....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mecox's Winter Windows

Mecox Gardens NYC is collaborating with some of their favorite interior designers to design their NYC storefront window.  Currently on display (until the end of February) is Rita Konig's vignette.

I promise I'll get off my Rita kick, but I've been really enjoying reading her blog and website lately.  So, how do you like her vignette?   I could totally see myself curled up on that gray mohair chaise with a hot cup of tea!  I love the vibrancy of the accent colors (chartreuse, purple, pink, coral) against a rather neutral (gray and white) palette.  

The rug is fantastic and I like the playful gray lacquered table with the polished metal base, it keeps things from being too serious.  And, how fun are those lacquered ice buckets?  Yes, those are from Rita's new line of furniture and accessories.  Yes, you heard me - how awesome is that - she is designing a line of furniture and accessories.   

To see the complete line-up of interior designers, go here.  What a brilliant idea!!  So fun!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Black Fireplaces

I am slowly trying to pinpoint my likes and dislikes in regards to what I want in our future home.  It won't be long until we're back in CT buying a new home.

The other day, I was perusing my 'pins' and I noticed a trend - black fireplaces.  I like the contrast.  I like the masculine edge.  Especially against a neutral backdrop, it can really create a dramatic effect.

In the above three photos, I especially like how the touches of pink, cream and gold soften the spaces which contrasts with the masculine feel of the fireplace.   

Carrie from Hazardous Design recently painted her fireplace a dark color and it turned out fantastic.

Images via pinterest

I admit painting a fireplace black would be stepping out of my comfort zone.  I think I would typically want to play it safe and go with a traditional white one, but I'm trying to push myself a bit and force myself to take some risks.  

So, how about you - would you consider a black fireplace in your home?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweet and Feminine

I thought this was a nice picture to wrap up Valentine's week; a sweet and feminine girl's bedroom. 

 Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kristen Panitch Interiors

I stumbled across the portfolio of the Los Angeles based designer, Kristen Panitch, the other day while doing a search on wallpapered rooms.  I now know why her pictures popped up - she is not afraid of using wallpaper.  And, I love it.  I can't help but think that the style these rooms portray is exactly what I want to achieve in our next home.

I also found an interview that Nicole Gibbons, from So Haute, did with Kristen Panitch.  Below is a snapshot of Kristen's office.  I guess Kristen's home is being shot by one of the shelter magazines so I can't wait to see that!  I assume it hasn't been published yet?

So, what do you think?  Don't you love her mix of wallpapers, patterns and moody colors?  I like the eclectic yet traditional feel.  Doesn't it make the interiors feel so real and lived in?

Haven't seen enough?  Paula from Two Ellie (here) and Erin from House of Turquoise (here) also did posts on Kristin Panitch.  Go check them out!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rita Konig's Website

Did you know she had a website?  It was by chance I stumbled on it after posting last Wednesday about Domino's comeback.

I love her style and approach to designing.  See a sampling here and here.  And, if you were to ask me to choose one designer to be my mentor (or to work with) it would be her.

So, while perusing through her website, I found these new (to me) images of a NYC apartment she decorated.  It has to be her apartment because they contain so many of her personal belongings!  Let's take a look....

If you don't mind, I'm going to bore you with my observations while I deconstruct her living room.

1. The color palette.  In classic Rita style, it's a light palette with pops of jewel toned colors.  The walls are painted a cool gray.  It could be her signature paint color called 'Rita Says', that she used in her east village apartment, I'm not sure.  But if you look around her room, you'll see pops of amethyst, pink, sapphire blue, and emerald green all against a light pale backdrop.

2. Patterns.  She typically uses one dominating pattern.  Here she uses Kelly Wearstler Groundworks Bengal Baazar fabric on her sofa.  I've noticed she either uses a piece of furniture or the walls to introduce a pattern (on a large scale).

3. Flowers.  Her flower of choice when it comes to styling, I've noticed, is tulips.  If you take a look at her other apartments she had decorated, there are always tulips.

4. Lamp shades and pillows.  In my opinion, she introduces more patterns in this apartment than she has in her other decorated apartments.  It appears that she might have stepped out of her comfort zone of English style sensibilities when decorating this apartment, but even so, it works and she is able to remain true to her understated elegant yet comfortable approach to decorating.  Once again, she uses pillows and lampshades to introduce more patterns.  

5. Tablescape styling.  She is a pro at this and I love looking at all her details.  Her coffee table is styled to perfection.  Here, we see her pink mercury glass match striker and three candy dishes.  I'm surprised we don't see her signature pink ashtray, but I think the candy dishes serve the same purpose.  She likes stacks of books in a pyramid style and the emerald green vase adds another dimension so it doesn't become a horizontal bookcase.

So, what do you think?  Are you a fan of Rita's?  I always get so excited when I see a favorite designer add new images to her/his portfolio.  If you haven't seen her website, go take a look - you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gruss Gott Weeks 4 & 5

I'm a little behind on our Vienna posts.  The past three weeks we've been battling a nasty virus that has run its course through each one of our family members (poor Luke even got it twice).  We're finally starting to feel normal again.  Today, we made it to Vienna's Eistraum, the outdoor skating rink that winds through Wien's Rathaus (City Hall) platz. The rink is a kilometer long!  Luke had so much fun skating.  It was great!!

Am Rathaus

Drinking Gluhwein! Yum! :)

Luke and Mr. Penguin (Kiddie Rink)

Luke & Daddy! 

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Domino's Rebirth?

Did you hear?  Conde Nast will publish a Domino special edition entitled Quick Fixes; it was announced yesterday by Conde Nast's editorial director.  Domino Quick Fixes will be full of Domino's best home decorating stories, focusing on easy, inexpensive (DIY) changes that make a big impact.  Domino Quick Fixes will be available on newsstands from April 17th through July 16, 2012 for $10.99 and a second edition planned for fall.  Read the rest here.

I have to say I'm excited, but also a bit skeptical.  And, $10.99 is a hefty price to pay.....I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bathrooms on the brain.....

So last week while running errands, I passed by a showroom called Devon & Devon.  I have never heard of it, but was completely inspired by their window displays.  I SO wanted to go in, but I typically have either one or both kids in tow and it is really hard to convince the 4 yr. old that it is worth his time to go into a showroom! :)  Besides, it was between E's naps and I had a short window to make it home.

Of course, the minute we got home I looked them up on the web and was not disappointed with what I found.  Devon & Devon is an international company that specializes in the distribution and marketing of flooring materials, ceramic tiling, and bathroom fixtures.

While I could never afford their products, it is always great to get inspiration from the such companies that exclusively cater to designing bathrooms.

I took a browse through their catalogue and was blown away with the beauty of all their offerings.  

I could spend all day looking at pretty pictures like these!! :)  Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Chic Brooklyn Heights Greek Revival!


I stumbled across this incredible Brooklyn Heights Greek Revival via CWB Architects.  This project entailed a complete structural and mechanical gut renovation of this four story, 3200 sq. ft. row house and extension.

The designer?  Jennifer Eisenstadt Design and Decoration, LLC.  Why have I not heard of her before?  Check out this incredibly chic home (I believe this might be her home.)

I am completely speechless....

Keep a look out for her use of modern and vintage light fixtures.  I believe this and the kitchen's fixture might be Lindsey Adelman's bubble light which I posted about here.  I am in love!

Pocket doors, brass fixtures, modern lighting, oh my!

For real? A leopard print runner!! Brilliantly done.

Black and white graphic wallpaper and mirrored furniture - I love it.  Do you notice the ruffle trim on the curtains?  Such a nice feminine detail.  And, the brass doorknobs?  I love the dark walls in the adjourning room.  I just wish I could see more of this bedroom.  

How chic!

The marble veining in the shower, the vanity's lucite legs, hexagonal floor and wall tiles and the brass hardware are all so wonderful!

I am so using balloon shades in our next house.  Remember this post?

So tastefully done.

Do you notice how glossy the trim is?

This is probably her office, no?  What an amazing space to work in!

And, just when you thought you were done with the surprises - she throws this into the mix!  Holy Cow!  She is incredible!  The mix of the chinoiserie wallpaper with the inlaid wooden chevron floor - crazy good!

I love the primary colors and the kilim rug!  

Oh my goodness!!  So amazing!

Okay, how incredible is this home?  I can tell you that I will be studying each and every one of these pictures for a long time.  I haven't felt this inspired in a while. 

Can some magazine publish her space so I can get all the sources, please??

Jennifer Eisenstadt is my new hero!