Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • Jaime
    09-10 09:55 PM
    Microsoft using cricket to try to stop Reverse Brain Drain!!

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  • hsm2007
    10-11 11:56 AM

    After responding to the RFE last week, I have been seeing continous LUDs on my 485. They were on 10/8, 10/9 and today on columbus day 10/11. There was also one when they registered my RFE response on 10/6.

    And to add to that I received a FP notice for both spouse and myself but the date isn't until after 3 weeks. Can I get the FP done early? I don't want them to sit on my application for another 3 weeks just because they are waiting for my FP.

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  • Jaime
    09-12 11:39 PM
    Tri-State and neighboring states, you can definitely make it to DC easily! What's stopping you? Let's go! Let's make the rally a historic event!!!! TOGETHER WE CAN!!!!

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  • msyedy
    06-12 09:04 AM
    our chances of getting some relief are better if infact CIR dies. if cir dies there might be a chance for SKIL bill.Even if SKIL is not taken up no bill is better than this CIR authored by ron hira aka kennedy, durbin and kyl.

    Pitha (Shree)
    I see what you are thinking, but EB3india is correct. In CIR or never.
    I agree with him that we need to get a new stratergy to handle this.

    I do not know why IV core has not spoken after this bill died. When CIR came to the Senate floor with all these restrictions, Logiclife mentioned something
    like we should become illegals.

    He must have been kidding but one could see the fact that the illegals were the ones who were getting the benefits.

    I want to hear a similar statement from them, let us see........


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  • alex99
    04-07 03:55 PM
    I was going through the flatcenter PERM data for year 2004.

    In the Coulm Last_sig_Event, some of data rows have value

    'Received Regional Office'.

    Anyboay has an idea what does this mean?.


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  • bfadlia
    12-15 10:01 AM
    Take the body shoppers and glorified body shoppers like TCS, wipro, infy etc out of the equation and you would have sheer wastage of H1B numbers since the American companies will not go abroad to recruit someone who is unfamiliar with US work culture.

    That is why congress came up with 20K quota for master degree holders who can be recruited directly by US corporations. In my opinion, US corporations should not complain at all since they were never interested in upholding the true spirit of H1B by recruiting people from abroad directly.


    US corporation did go abroad to recruit back when there was heavy demand in the dot com bubble and Y2K.. American recruiters for several big companies used to make regular trips all over the world like russia, eastern europe and middle east to scout talents and ship them here.. but that never happens now since 1- there is no real demand 2- Desi Bodyshops already brought in hundreds of thousands of H1 people on short term or fictituous projects then set them out to hunt for next projects in this tight market..
    We programmers need to come to grip with the fact that today unless you have a rare skill and exceptional ability America will not roll the red carpet on your GC path.


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  • anilsal
    12-13 12:44 AM
    I still cannot understand why they do not allow one to file I-485 when the visa numbers are not current. Atleast 485 will give the person an opportunity to obtain a EAD card.

    If not, the person is in a limbo.

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  • hopefulgc
    07-28 01:37 PM
    religion was the vehicle invented to mobilize people into groups, sects, splinters, what have you. religion divides us and makes us all weak.

    God ... whether its mine or yours...we respect
    religion ... whether its mine or yours... not so much

    Would you be offended if your parents picture is put on a toilet paper?

    Afterall they are just your body's parents, and you use toilet paper for your body. But God is the supreme parent of everyone.

    Do not just pass comments on Gods of any religion just because you do not have the ability to respect other's faith and feelings.

    A lot of you will go and thank God once you get your greencard or blame God if your dates do not get current. But you do not fail to make a mockery of religion or other's faith. Be a good human being first before you claim to be best and the brightest or highly skilled person.


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  • return_to_india
    05-26 09:42 PM
    ..... theoratically even if I am going for a walk i am supposed to carry immigration papers because a border patrol officer, in theory, could asks me for my papers ?


    I carry my GC, passport etc even if i get out of my house to my lawn.
    I also stick them to my body in a water resistant package when i dive into a swimming pool, in case a immigration nut lay waiting there. Law is law. Why can't they collect my finger print/iris scan and determine status ?

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  • rajuram
    11-11 10:43 AM

    Did anyone listen to NPR on this topic recently? Looks like people are open to the idea, but some one has to give more visibility to this topic. Can IV do it.....


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  • vicks_don
    01-26 08:28 AM
    I think lot of things happened..1).our provisions are included in the CIR Bill Last year 2) Our provisions are in the skill bill 3) Atleast I guess 100 politicians know about our problems now


    Its only the last step that was not successful because of illegal immigration..

    Hopefully we can get that done this year..

    dear friend,

    we would all like something to happen. but not everything is in our hands. nor do these things happen easily or quickly. the issues involved are now deeply emotional and political. much of what goes on is in the background and not for public consumption. there is a certain expectancy over immigration reform this year, we cannot afford to waste the sliver of opportunity that may present.
    let me put two things to you simply:

    1. if you keep waiting for "good news" to make your contribution, and if enough people think like you, well maybe it will never come. you see, the whole thing about iv is that we are trying to make our own destiny. without effort there will be no fruits. many people are making significant efforts, may be you have missed that on your visits to the forum. without the help of many more though, we are sunk.

    2. your contribution is intended to create "good news", it is not some reward you hand out after success begins. i realize that you are feeling low and frustrated. please join this effort in earnest- the best way to feel positive is to know you are making your utmost effort. not just money, bring in members and join a state chapter, meet lawmakers and help with campaigns on the forum. If everyone did these things, we would be unstoppable.

    please think about it. you have been waiting for months to see results from others hard work. maybe it's time to jump right in.
    thanks for reading...

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  • EB3_SEP04
    06-11 12:49 PM
    I wouldn't worry about this.. this bill is in embyonic stage, hundreds of such ridiculous bills are persented each years and they never make it to either house or senate floors for voting. Remember US politicians all the time "propose" or "talk about" such crazy bills to make happy the crazy segment of voters in their constituency and to make a buzz in the media. This is nothing more than Rakhi sawant accusing Mika of kissing. Nothing is going to happen without the full fledge CIR. Anyone believes the country which gives amnesty to illegals every 10-15 years will take such a nasty step and hurt itself ? Just watch in the months ahead what happens to AZ law or rather it's (non)implementation.


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  • aroranuj
    09-11 09:44 AM
    Just called the House judiciary committe and was told that there are no markups planned for today. Apparently they havent figured out when they would like to come back next for the mark ups.

    I believe instead of posting ideas for what we can do in the future we need to live in the present and not waste valuable time. We need to reenergize ourselves and spend any extra time that we have by making some calls...Please focus on this thread till the time there are no available updates...

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  • manderson
    04-04 09:23 AM
    this is old news and has been posted about before!


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  • senthil1
    03-09 12:46 PM
    Total H1B from India is around 52k in 2008. But china is less than 10k in 2008. This was the trend for past 5 years. Soon china EB2 and EB3 will be within acceptable waiting time will be less than 4 years and India waiting time will be 9 to 10 years.

    China EB3 moved from Oct 02 to Mar 03. In the Jan bulletin, China EB3 was at Jun 02!

    India EB3 moved from Oct 01 to Nov 01. In the Jan bulletin, India EB3 was still at Oct 01!

    China EB3 is certainly making some progress. Wonder why India EB3 is lagging so far behind and virtually crawling at a snail's pace.

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  • uma001
    03-21 03:30 PM
    ****Plus $12K and then what? You will leave the firm in 6 months.****

    Working for them till I get green card itself a big thing.You know getting green card takes a decade. How can you leave in 6 months just after filing.

    BTW,Are you the owner of one of these companies?


    Don't show green card fruits before hiring an employee...Just be frank. Say it if you dont do green card before hiring , not after joining.


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  • GC_sufferer
    07-04 10:58 PM

    First, with out name check cleared by FBI, no 485 will be approved. Assiging visa number to a 485 appliction initally, nothing to do with name check. If the applicant is threat to the security of the country, his/her 485 will be denied and they will take back the already assigned number. Both are two different issues.

    Another myth: USCIS processed 60,000 485 in June. It is wrong. They processed 60,000 485 over the period of 6 months to 5 years. And they just approved in June, based on earlier processing.

    Ramba, is that mean they might use less than 140K visas in 2007, because the name check may not be cleared for all 20K applictions in 3 months.

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  • pappu
    08-03 01:01 PM
    if there is diff emails with diff content it will be better. it will show diversity. even though we all will say the same thing.

    on second thoughts i feel lou dobbs is unlikely to change his opinion even if 1K people send him mails. send it anyways to all other cnn anchors so that IV can get some coverage on cnn.

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  • pappu
    01-17 01:43 PM
    it is a slow process. This recurring contribution is a good process in long run. We will inspire our members to contribute. This will grow in to thousands eventually. Keep up the good work with our core objectives.
    Yes it is upto members if they want this process to be like the greencard process and we can wait for years to get a bill passed. Ultimately the onus of getting sucess is on each and every one of us. We represent a community of highly skilled and get paid above average (than average american) but If we want 20 opinions per month on what IV should focus on, we can get those right away. However $20 per month is difficult.
    IV really want to go all out and use all resources to get the bill passed. We cannot do it without the support of all members.Pls. Visit this page
    and start contributing today.

    05-13 09:26 PM
    I have the same question, currently I am on EAD and no H1B visa. Can I elibible for financial aid?

    Please advice what options I have to procure loan either that is financial aid or other alternatives.


    For all those who are doing Online MBA/part time was any one successful in getting a financial aid through FASFA? If not FASFA what are other alternatives? like loans from bank etc?

    When I applied for financial aid they told me that since I dont have my greencard Im not eligible


    07-02 09:46 AM
    Nobody is invincible or above the law here. If we have the right resource
    we could do that. Remember Pres: Clinton was impeached once.. As an organization our main problem is money. People often visit here to find a remedy for their proble, or to get some information. But the contributing members are very less. If we have right resources and right reasons we can bring anyone to their knees


    YOU PEOPLE understand first what i kept in the reply. I did not blame IV for doing other efforts..I am talking about facts about USCIS..So dont make fool us or yourself as IV or any other organization will not be able to attack USCIS..Bcoz USCIS is monarch..

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