Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • pointlesswait
    07-28 05:02 PM

    I agree that we need some stress release discussion but i disagree that this the topic which we need to discuss up any other thread which will give a healthy discussing like to discuss about the current market trend in US or open up a thread which will helpful to understand the recent N-deal of India-USA saying that how much india will get benifit with that and how?

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  • abd
    09-21 04:01 PM
    How many days it took you to receive physical RFE after Online status update?


    I got RFE status change on September 2nd and my attorney recieved it on 7th Tuesday. It was long weekend.

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  • anurakt
    01-17 01:52 PM
    Well Said Pappu, if you ask for people to ask IV for updates 20 times a day, we will get thousands of contributions ...but when it comes to money to support the cause .....all these don't show the faces. These people call themselves high skilled , they want everything without contributing a cent .... ... ....:mad: :mad:

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  • immigrant2007
    07-29 10:21 AM
    The issue with not filing green card is ,even if it is written in offer letter..The lawyer can always come and say ' We tried our best to apply for your grene card. But we could not demonstrate that we could not find american citizens with minimum requirements.'
    A promise is a promise whether verbal or written.
    In this matter desi consultancies are far better.

    I know you are not going to like my reply...but written is a written issue. Desi consultancies and body shops have thier own issue. Infact they exploited the system and candidates to the core.
    Having things documented is the best way. If a company had to play fould it can do it anytime (even on verbal). I also learned the hard way. While writing we can still refere outside lawyers (of our choice)


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  • abhijitrajan
    11-13 12:41 AM
    Does it make sense to file and FOIA request asking how USCIS is implementing quarterly spillover. As I understand it USCIS is not obligated to respond to a letter but they have to respond to FOIA. Any comments from people who know how FOIA works and whether it's applicable?

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  • va_jan_03
    12-13 09:44 AM
    I am sure the IV core would have thought about this option of contacting USCIS and let them know the problems because of retrogression.

    But I like the idea of collecting 10$ for the fax and creating awareness. Lets move.


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  • sathyaraj
    03-12 06:20 PM
    Hi BharatPremi:

    Thank you so much for your reply. I do not have any speeding tickets also. I have clean history so far. I am hoping that this will be cleared by this week so that I can join them by 03/24


    I am assuming here that you referred Background Check done by future employer as a part of employment offer before granting you the final offer. In that case mostly your employer might have contracted that to third party. And if that would have been the case then it solely depends upon where you resides now and how many states you have moved so far from the date of first entry in uSA and what kind of new implementation all those states may have. Some states even gives "Red Flag" for traffic violation such as speeding. What happens is that, that third party would see only "red flag" and would not come to know about underlying cause of the "red flag". So as a process that third party first come to your future employer notifying about this " red flag". Then your employer decides to query that further having signature from you and would notify third party to dig further and then third party will go to state police to know the underlying cause and state police will work on that by taking fee and and some point of time it will say " hey he had traffic violation". So it may eat up 3 to 4 months to finish the whole cycle and ball is in your employer's court whether to hire you or wait to hire till then. Most companies hire without wasting time and afterwards if something really serious feedback comes in will boot you otherwise you will be fine.

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  • sanju
    04-04 03:49 PM
    are you aware of the fact that IEEE actually lobbied to get a special quota of H1B for US-educated folks? these folks are foreigners and will definitely be competing against these "racist" ppl. Because of their principled stand, they continue to have clout.

    So, only "US-educated folks" are entitled for H1? Is that what you are saying? And only that is a principled stand and rest everything is falsehood?


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  • nirenjoshi
    03-09 12:33 PM
    China EB3 moved from Oct 02 to Mar 03. In the Jan bulletin, China EB3 was at Jun 02!

    India EB3 moved from Oct 01 to Nov 01. In the Jan bulletin, India EB3 was still at Oct 01!

    China EB3 is certainly making some progress. Wonder why India EB3 is lagging so far behind and virtually crawling at a snail's pace.

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  • srkamath
    07-13 02:31 PM
    It is just a temporary movement to capture as many visa number as possible. Dates will move back in Oct and surge forward in June 09.

    NO it won't !:);)


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  • NKR
    09-05 03:52 PM
    like Reliable Desi Consultant? I think they become Extinct with dinosaurs!

    No, you still find them in JuraSICK park

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  • Rajeev
    01-17 02:59 PM
    I just signed up for a monthly contribution of $20.

    Also contributed $100 in Dec 06.


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  • gc_check
    04-04 09:09 AM
    I hope not. If they ban bodyshops the cap will never run out.
    And people in Real companies will be able to get the visas.

    Some of the US Companies, listed in NASDAQ / NYSE also provide human resource to Fortune 50 companies and they follow the LAW as requried. I do not think the provision that would prohibit employers from hiring H-1B workers and then outsourcing them to other businesses would be in this the bill, Atleast these businesses will lobby to take it out.

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  • sbeyyala
    01-17 03:10 PM
    signed up for $20 per month though paypal.


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  • bomber
    06-30 07:37 PM
    This is a huge misconception in people.
    Filing I485 when the dates are current does not mean you will get a greencard.
    Only 30% will in 6 months if the dates stay current.
    rest 70% will get in 1 year to 3 years or more based on FBI name checks.

    Chew on this and educate your friends.

    Everybody knows this.. I didn't quite understand what you meant to convey.
    What I meant was that even if my I-485 is accepted(i did not say even if I get my GC)

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  • gc_on_demand
    05-06 03:30 PM
    I got a reply from USCIS saying that they can process the request sorted by priority date and country of birth of the applicant. Processing time will be around 15 months and that they have got their answer on priority date.

    what are the next steps?

    I dont think we should relay on their 15 months time line. Its too late. I am sure in coming 15 months whole immigration system will be changed. May be we will see point based system or something different. And at that time information will be no use. They are smart that is why they gave us 15 months. They will wait for 12 months to Congress to do something and then if nothing happen they will write SQL query in last 3 months.


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  • abhi_022001
    08-11 02:19 PM
    Count me in too...

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  • nandakumar
    11-21 02:30 AM
    I also got a letter with same information.

    Today I got the second letter from USCIS regarding this request. The letter says they accepted the request and put in the pending que.

    Also the letter says, "your request is deemed to constitute an agreement to pay any fees that may be chargeable up to $25.00" and continues and finally it says "most requests do not require any fees and if fees in excess of $25.00 are required, we will notify you beforehand"

    Jusy wondering any one got this reply..

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  • varshadas
    01-27 11:02 AM
    Here is a summary of what we discussed in the conference call. Please add anything that I may have missed out.

    1> Contact local congressmen - This is by far the most important thing that we have to do. As mentioned in my previous posts, congressmen will talk to only their district people, so each one of us has to try to contact the local congressmen - Varsha, Sanjay, Shekar, Ajay and Rajeev

    2> Investigate our options with EBC radio - Sanjay

    3> Investigate our options with Namaste America, AVS - Don't remember who volunteered for this

    4> Distribute Flyers at Metropark on Monday - Ajay and Shekhar

    5> Distribute Flyers at Bridgewater Temple - Varsha, Sanjay, Shekar, Ajay and Rajeev - Saturday, 02/03/2007

    6> Come up with catch flyer sentences - Varsha to come up with the first draft. Lets try to close this out by Wednesday, 01/31/2007.

    7> Investigate options with local newspapers - Ajay

    8> Contact Oprah Winfrey - Varsha

    9> Continue ongoing membership drive - Varsha, Sanjay, Shekar, Ajay and Rajeev

    Option Ruled Out - Advertising in Movie Theater
    Reason -
    1>Cannot control the screens the advertisement will be played on
    2>Because of above, could backfire if people not pro-immigration
    3>Very expensive. Cost just not justify the benefit

    Thank you all for your participation in the call today.


    07-12 07:53 PM
    i believe the argument that this sudden jump was made to help eb2 china is pure hogwash.

    quoting from july visa bulletin as someone had pasted before

    "Since Section 203(e)(1) of the Act requires that such unused numbers be made available strictly in priority date order, the China and India applicants have been subject to the identical cut-off date. As there are more Employment Second preference applicants from India and the Indian applicants may have earlier priority dates, it is likely that Indian applicants will receive a larger portion of the available numbers than Chinese applicants"

    the dos has itself stated that these overflow number have to be allocated strictly according to pd order in order to abide by the law. they are not going to publicly state this and one month later do quite the opposite.

    it must be truly a case of the uscis not providing sufficient number of approvable cases. now there could be some leeway there for uscis to help eb2-china by withholding some earlier pd indian applications saying they ar e not in approvable state. but i hope that is not the case.

    07-12 11:32 AM
    Simple EB2 takes more priority over EB3 so EB2 ROW flow first to EB2 India & China and if there are more they will go to EB3

    Why didnt the EB2 ROW number trickle to ROW EB3 first?

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