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images am turning 30 on Tuesday! happy birthday 30. Happy Birthday, Debra!
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  • rimagupta
    07-05 03:26 AM
    Not sure if our assumption of "only 100k already applied" is correct. In 2005, there were approximately 250,000 EB green cards granted - the numbers are close to 147,000 for both 2006 and 2007. I'm not exactly sure, but there were at least 200,000 more EB approvals from 2002-2004.

    There were 200,000 EB1 cases approximately from 2001-7 (In 2005, EB1 approvals were close to 40k out of a total of 250k GCs). If only 100k LCs/PERMs from 2001-7 were able to apply for 485 then it means 400k (250+147+147+200 - 200-150) applications that were adjudicated from 2002-2007 were from 2000 or prior to 2000 cases. Could this be true?

    In addition, many 2001+applications are still stuck at namecheck.

    Besides, all EB2 ROW cases filed under PERM were able to file for 485. These alone may contribute to at least 70k PERMS.

    others: various law firm sites, including


    Estimated new 485 filings. : 700K is conservative. May be wrong too.

    LC s certified from BEC: about 200K (from 2001 to 2005 filings)
    PERM Certifed labor: About 200K (from Mar 2005 to June 2007)

    Total LC: 400K. Let us assume 100K already appliled. Lets say 300K is affected by retrogression.

    The dependents for 300k will be 450K (1.5 times primary)

    So total AOS applicants will be 750K just based on LC. Excluding EB1.


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  • whattodo21
    06-16 08:43 AM
    Sent it to my Senators.

    However, is it possible to send it to Senators Grassley, Sanders too. I say this because these senators need to hear that we oppose this bill too and I am not sure how many of our members from IA and VT are active and are sending this message to them.

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    07-13 12:05 PM
    Read this thread and understand what Q, GC Perm and Teddy are saying.
    We still have 10K FU/FD visas to go. So in sep the dates should move to June - July 2006.
    The can even extend to sep 2006 to capture all visas and move it back to June 2006.

    Go and read that rather then guessing

    Buddy...what do you mean source please...scroll up and look for an attachment. Use it.

    2011 Happy Birthday Jon happy birthday 30. November 30th, 2010.
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  • ksvreg
    06-30 10:56 PM
    Can I handover my I-485 application personally on Monday at Nebraska?

    I am planning to take a flight to Lincoln. Not kidding. Anyway we are spending money on many things. Lets treat this as premium mailing. :)


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  • dish
    12-13 10:44 AM
    I sent a letter earlier this year to one of my Senators here in CA regarding my 2001 LC and the result i got was that the senators secretary checked my case with USICS and sent a letter stating that my green card was approved 2003.
    For somebody who is still waiting for LC recruitment instructions this was a total waste of time and money ( donated $5000. to Senator).
    Next week my attorney and i and his other LC DBEC clients are going to try and make an appointment with DOL and see if they will comply.
    Number 1 point we shall pursue is to make a $5000.00 premium processing for all DBEC pending LC and have guranteed adjudication in 120 days for all LC with current PD.
    This way all clients with current PD will obvouisly pay $5000.00 and DBEC can use the extra funds for remaining cases.

    Can you please write in detail what happened with your LC and hou you recieved your green card in 2003. Your experience with DOL, and sentor will make a good story for IV.

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  • jonty_11
    07-11 01:52 PM
    If they want to make money, they no need to say that abt 2 year EAD at all.

    And also most of the EAD renewals are free of cost who filed after 30th June 30 2007.
    man this is prices of goods are jacked up and then a big SALE sign is posted on the front door....

    Same for EAD...hey! will give u 2 year EADs, but only if your PD is not close...and then they make most of ours PDs close to the Cut off date..and only 1 year EAD


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  • gc_on_demand
    11-14 10:31 AM
    Why do u limit urself to just sending letters. Whhy can't you approach Zoe's office, why can't you take the lead?

    Dont take me wrong on this one... but If I am not wrong rajuram wants some one from her dis. to call her. Here is my experience in this week.

    I called Zoe's Office recently but lady over phone told me to call my local lawmaker. She didnot give any detail on HR 5882. She told she is not aware of it right now. I went online to send email but I got this message when I put my zip code.

    'Access to the requested form is denied, the zip code which you entered does not provide access to this form.'

    We need some one from her district to call her office and find out.

    We need support from california members on this one.

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  • seahawks
    06-10 05:49 PM
    sent, also forwarded to friends.


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  • abstractvision
    03-19 12:07 AM
    Nixstor did explained his actions and I concur... Controversial handles should be banned... Handle "TALIBAN" was banned and same member opened new handle "TAWLIBANN" saying his name is Tawlibann Foggs...

    Anyway we should close this issue.. I do find tawlibann's posts decent and non-offensive.. Only thing is we need to practice some respect to the communitity when chosing a handle... Its just not this.. there could be potentially other offensive handles.. So I'd say there should be a step/check in registration process to monitor/regulate handles... You won't like any handle offending your religious beliefs, dis-respecting your nation or humanity itself...

    Just my 2 cents... We should stop this discussion and focus on immigration issues...
    Trying to understand why Mr. Foggs was singled out...

    May be obscene name: Humm ..much better than existing F---GC,fuckadothead, chumki, chumma, xxxx, coolhokie, ussexy, saksibaby, funkycatspangky, faaltoo and plenty ..check the member list.
    May be obscene posts: No...his posts were very decent. He pleaded his case very politely. Never lost his cool even after being banned without being told.
    May be meaning of Taliban is wrong: No, It means..someone who is seeking religious knowledge. Nothing wrong in it.
    May be bad relation with US: Humm, US may not have good relations now, that was not the case earlier in late eighties and early nineties...not too far back..;)
    May be having political cause: What about existing handles like FREE_KASHMIR, us-alien...etc
    May be reference to terrorism: Having a same name "AbstractVision" as a terrorist organization somewhere in remote part of the world doesnot make me a terrorist.
    May be religious name: Humm...not like existing jaihanuman, saibaba,saint.. .etc
    May be country specific: Hum...Jai_Hind, JisDeshMeinGangaBehthiHai etc.. more than 500 handles have meaning related to India and in Hindi, Tamil etc
    May be phone call was not received by proper person: Humm..did someone tell him to expect a call..;) Being a member doesnot to be glued to phone 24 hrs waiting for someone to call. A private message with time would have been the right way.
    May be phone no. was fake: I had my previous cell number in my profile that I used 2 years back. I corrected this evening after this interesting post. I wasn't red flagged.
    May be handle name was a distraction: If handle names are distractions, I wonder how far can we offense. We have got bigger problems to deal with.
    May be incorrect details: Why would I put my correct details on the internet. Didn't someone educate me about Identity theft..;)
    May be user was unaware of unpublished nomenclature: That sounds like the case. May be admins would like to publish the pool of words they are comfortable with and that may not be distraction.

    No offense, but without letting the guy know beforehand is definitely not up to the mark. Give this guy a break.... . Lets not apply any rules retroactively....more than 80% of the handle names are ridiculous and does not seem to be coming from intelligent folks and people with exceptional abilities.

    I agree we should respect other members and names should be decent..but I do not agree that names can be regulated by forum administrators with no set rules of engagement many languages in the decent meaning in one country/language can be offensive somewhere else.

    What wonders me is that SO MANY easily understood obscene words in memberlist as handle were allowed by admin (F---GC,fuckadothead,xxxx,ussexy etc ) and 'Taliban' got hit by a 800 pound gurilla..;) banned....

    I am looking forward to a REAL issue discussion and get over this handle issue. Lets move on...

    hair November 30th, 2010. happy birthday 30. Happy Birthday to our AWESOME
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  • amitjoey
    07-03 04:17 PM
    Thanks titu1972, mhb, sbindval, gsc999, tapukakababa, divakarr for your contributions.


    happy birthday 30. Happy 21st irthday!
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  • shiva7
    05-26 11:54 PM
    It was Sunday when I got off the bus in Phoenix and CBP asked me for the papers. I was not carrying any leagal document with me at that time. They tried to get my info on their computer based on the info I gave them about me but they could not for misterious reasons. Ultimately they arrested me for not carrying papers with me and put me in jail. I spent horrible night in jail that Sunday. The next day Judge asked me more details and could find my data. They released me and warned me to carry such papers with me all the time.I never knew that I was supposed to keep a copy of the papers with me. I am just wondering who is supposed to notify us that we need to carry papers with us at all the times ?

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  • nomi
    12-13 11:01 AM
    I needed a few days to digest the argument I had last week with some members. I've been reading this entire thread since yesterday and it all make sense to me; it seems a very logic and smart thing to do, so count on me.

    my Friend,

    don`t worry about any arguments you had in past. I say sorry if some member say something wrong or unlogical. Please don`t waste your energy in negative thinking and come and help all of us and be our hero in this hard time. we are all here for same cause and we should be united as team and focus like a laser beam.

    We need you and every member is most valueable part of IV and consider him or her right hand of core team.

    I hope you got my point and let`s come and join us along with IV core team with this new option.



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  • raajpagare
    02-20 01:18 AM
    I'm one of those who say with pride that I can create jobs and buy houses. Then why will not congress or policy makers not touch this. As some here said it depends upon what we think about ourselves. I know many people who like to work under someone even after 10-15 years, my brother is like that, and I know many more like me who want to start companies, employ many people, and do bigger things. Both may be right in their own ways, but if you project yourself like me, then the doors will open.. Show enterprise..

    I appreciate and agree with your sentiment. But unfortunately politics is too dirty and they dont care about any of those things, all they care about is votes and populist agendas. The flavour of the day populist agenda is blaming immigrants for all the current economic mess and thats why politicians will be working against legal immigration rather than for it.

    But I admire your spirit and agree that we need to show the people how much potential we have for the betterment of this country, if only they let us do it.

    tattoo March 30th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY happy birthday 30. Happy 64th Birthday Woody!
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  • pdaug2002
    03-17 10:34 AM
    EB3 - India
    PD : Aug 2002


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  • cal_dood
    07-05 03:20 PM
    Since the sentiment is so strong against freeloaders - aren't all the people not donating to AILF freeloaders too ? Let's donate to AILF too while we are at it...

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  • chanduv23
    09-10 11:56 AM
    Are you guys in jail or something?

    Many are : they jailed themsleves inside their closets


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  • delax
    07-13 10:34 AM
    Why didnt the EB2 ROW number trickle to ROW EB3 first?

    Think about this for a minute. By doing so EB3-ROW is given precedence over EB2-Retro country after the ROW within EB2 has been satisfied. I cant see how that can make sense - not that anything in the GC sojourn makes sense. The categorization across employment categories is due to a difference in skill, training and experience level. Once the ROW demand within a category has been satisified, the retro country within the same category needs to get a preference over any lower category - sounds very harsh and heirarchical but thats how it is.

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  • sanju
    11-11 11:14 PM
    We can all pitch in and send either congrats greeting card/flower along with IV letter highlighting our pathetic situation.
    Hope he addresses something.

    You are kidding, right? And you expect that sending flowers and greeting card to Obama will be returned by a favor by passing a bill every EB applicant a green card immediately. I guess you have not noticed closely what is coming our way. Wait and watch, and save the money that you are considering spending on flowers and card.


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  • nandakumar
    12-27 06:07 PM
    There are couple of postings in

    Please participate so that others can view and potentially could become members of IV

    01-22 05:31 PM
    I think thigns break even at some point. It is so frustrating that it becomes no longer attractive to pursue GC (If we have not already reached that point).
    You got to be open to change to survive, be it a person or a country. No point in predicting death before GC or any such extreme cases. It will definetely take as long as it needs. Its basic capitalism at best , supply and demand. You can't beat that.

    Nothing wrong in trying to change the course though.

    03-22 06:58 PM
    I can donate 25000 airline miles to replace the cost of one ticket and make it simple for someone to buy a ticket.


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