Thursday, September 30, 2010

CWG few Days To Go: How’s Delhi Shaping Up?

As the D-day draws closer to the Games, is the national capital prepared for the event? What’s the buzz happening in and around the city of Delhi?

1) For starters, Delhiites don’t seem to be too kicked about the CWG happening in their city. If travel agents are to be believed, there has been a surge in travel plans of Delhiites during that time, as compared to last year. More here

2) Just as well that they start booking tickets early because apparently the airfares during the Games may cost upto Rs 54,000. More here

3) But for those who’re staying back to help present a clean Delhi, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi extends its help in the cleaning drive. More here

4) The volunteers have a lot of cleaning up to do, because if reports are to be believed, the Games Village is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. More here
5) Elsewhere, the Delhi police get into their own drill to ensure a smooth traffic scenario.

Brace up for traffic troubles for the next two days as the city police will be conducting trials on lanes reserved for Commonwealth Games during the morning and evening rush hours. More here
6) Even as they rethink their participation at the CWG, team New Zealand may be allowed to tour Delhi during their stay here. The athletes and officials fear security breaches, hence they’ll come with their own security, in addition to what’s provided by India. More here
7) Being in Delhi during the Games might prove beneficial for aspiring rock stars.
The Delhi government, as part of the series of celebrations planned for the Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2010, is knocking on the doors of colleges in the Delhi University. The reason: it wants “young” amateur rock bands to perform during the Delhi Games. More here
People in news
1) Ace shooter Abhinav Bindra says he’s eagerly looking forward to the CWG. Three weeks back he’d said the athletes should be the focus of the Games and not controversies. More here
2) The Games just got a powerful volunteer in the form of Subrata Roy Sahara. The businessman was nominated to the volunteer programme by none other than Mr Kalmadi himself. More here
3) With AR Rehman’s CWG anthem not gaining any popularity, Suresh Kalmadi defends the music maestro and says the song will catch on slowly. More here
CWG 21 Days to Go: Rehman has reportedly tweaked his CWG theme song and the new version can be heard during its video launch. 

CWG 22 Days to Go: Baton Relay Turns Into Damp Squib

CWG 23 Days To Go: Delhi govt comes up with a plan to make the city ‘beggar-free’: Hide beggars in parks during the course of CWG!

CWG 24 Days To Go: Rs 40 Cr Aerostat Lights Up

CWG 25 Days To Go: Cash awards for medal winners have been doubled and they will also be guaranteed a good meal as the Village kitchen has been handed over to the caterers.

CWG 26 Days To Go: The Games were expected to provide a big boost to the fortunes of hoteliers in Delhi. However, unfinished sites, traffic jams and dengue are proving to be major dampeners.

CWG 27 Days To Go: Met Predicts Rains During CWG

CWG 28 Days To Go: Indians Yet To Get Their Cycles

CWG 29 Days To Go: CWG faces more setbacks with two more international star athletes pulling out of the event.

CWG 30 Days To Go: The Vuvuzelas are back! It was launched as part of the official merchandise of the CWG.

CWG 31 Days To Go: P Chidambaram is reportedly unhappy with the security arrangements and wants the security drill to be completed by Sept 7, another project already delayed by a month.

CWG 32 Days To Go: With 32 days left, more discontent than reasons to look forward to it. That’s sad, considering it is a global event.

CWG 33 Days To Go: With 33 days left and after the PM’s visit, the Delhi Government reviewed the preparations of the Commonwealth Games.

CWG 34 Days To Go: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Sunday, the venue of the opening and closing ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games and asked officials to ‘redouble their efforts to quickly complete’ the work.

CWG 35 Days To Go: Finally some good news from the Games. ‘Jiyo, Utho, Badho, Jeeto’ – the theme song composed by AR Rahman has been released.

CWG 36 Days To Go: Most of the infrastructure is still not in place leading to incessant traffic woes. The weather isn’t helping either. Security experts are alerting people of potential traffic snarls and security risks.

CWG 37 Days To Go: Group of Ministers (GoM) for the Commonwealth Games (CWG) has clearly stated that Games’ venues won’t be complete by Aug 31, the final completion deadline set by the Delhi government.

CWG 38 Days To Go: Gearing Up For Worldwide Broadcast - Considering it will be broadcast across 13 countries and 6 continents, the OC has set up a  secured communication network which is on the lines of the one set up for the Beijing Olympics.

CWG 39 Days to go:  Security concerns – As the Games draw closer the concerns seem to be moving away from the corruption charges to that of security.

CWG 40 Days To Go: Race Against Time – With 40 days to go, we bring you the events leading to the most controversial yet much-awaited sporting extravaganza India has ever hosted, the XIX Commonwealth Games in the capital city of New Delhi.

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