Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hottest Student Bodies 2009: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks 40-31

40. San Diego State

2008 Ranking: NR

San Diego State was easily one of the schools we left off last year that provoked the most outcry, and it’s no surprise that the student body here is especially attractive, as San Diego is one of the best places to live in the US.

39. Kansas

2008 Ranking:

Kansas as a state gets a pretty bad (possibly well deserved) rap, but Lawrence is an oasis of normal in an otherwise harsh environment. This extends to the Jayhawk women, featuring lots of midwestern hotties. The rest of the state might not be anything worth writing home about when it comes to quality of women, but KU isn’t bad at all.

38. Missouri

2008 Ranking: 49

Missouri has over 30k total students, giving you quite a bit of eye candy to choose from. Their national profile has been on the rise a little bit in recent years, as the football team is coming off two fairly decent seasons.

37. Pacific

2008 Ranking: 48

Pacific is a smaller school, but it has a sweet 58% female student body, as well as a beautiful campus that’s been the setting for many Hollywood movies.

36. Clemson

2008 Ranking: 15

Clemson gets the Southern bonus (southern schools are pretty clearly the hottest in the country, – this can’t be denied whatever your geographical bias), plus they have exemplary cheerleaders.

35. Oregon

2008 Ranking: 11

Oregon athletes have to wear all of that bizarre Nike test clothing, but it actually looks pretty cute on women, especially with the unique color scheme. Eugene, Oregon is one of the most beautiful cities in the US, with lots of great outdoor recreational activities that draw in lots of hot athletic types.

34. Louisville

2008 Ranking: 44

Louisville is having a great year, with one of the best college basketball teams in the nation this season. You won’t find quite as many hotties on the Louisville campus as you will at UK, but believe it or not it’s not a bad thing to be the second hottest school in Kentucky.

33. UNLV

2008 Ranking: 26

We said it last year, and it still holds true: UNLV has to have the most strippers per capita of any school in the country. You can see evidence of this with their killer dance team, pictured above.

32. Virginia Tech

2008 Ranking: 45

I’m sure the haters will claim there aren’t any hot women at Virginia Tech because it’s a math and science school, but with over 20k undergrads you’re bound to find some hotties. And hey, bonus if you’re the kind of guy that likes the geeky type.

31. South Florida

2008 Ranking: 20

USF is a massive school located in Tampa, with nearly 35k undergrads. It’s actually one of the ten largest schools in the entire country, and it draws lots of hot girls who are interested in beaches and sun.

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