Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jason Limon's Blood/Nectar

"The wind pushes against the flower covered fields. With the gale, pollen is carried about our land creating a shift. The plant-life of our world has been altered, forcing the balance between them and all other inhabitants to be diminished. New organic life-forms emerge from the ground and interweave with the entities that walk our planet. With each breath of air we inhale the pollen that moves with these winds. Roots, vines and seeds meld with muscle, blood and bone. The earth is carpeted in an abundance of plants in bloom, each sprouting fresh intelligent beings. The vegetation that has long been deprived and neglected has forged a way to reclaim all that was once their own. These amalgamated beings are in sweeping pursuance of reformation to this world. Like parasites, they conquer on all sides of the planet. Unfaltering, they bore their roots deep......"Texas-based artist Jason Limon.  For 'Blood/Nectar', Limon has crafted a story, narrated through his body of work.  The beginning, middle and end are all there, it's up to the viewer to connect the pieces.

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