Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hottest Student Bodies 2009: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks 30-21

30. Indiana

2008 Ranking: 43

Indiana hoops have sadly fallen on some hard times, but the quality of female at IU has stayed strong. Not only are the girls here hot, they’re likely to be sweet as well, what with all the midwestern good manners that have been bred into them.

29. Oklahoma

2008 Ranking: 36

Much like earlier entry Kansas, Oklahoma is a bit of a barren wasteland until you get on campus. But once you get to Norman you’ll have lots of fun tailgating and girl watching. Plus, as we said last year (we just had to reuse the picture), the girls here really know how to dress for football Saturdays.

28. TCU

2008 Ranking: 42

Sure, this is ostensibly a Christian school, but it’s often the pious girl that’s the most fun … even if you have to get her behind closed doors to really find that out. Texas schools all have lots of A list talent and TCU is right there with the best of them.

27. Central Florida

2008 Ranking: NR

Another egregious omission from last year’s list, Central Florida is the fifth largest school in the country with over 50k students. Located in beautiful Orlando, Florida, UCF doesn’t get the press for it’s hot co-eds that other Florida schools get, but it is definitely competitive and worthy of a solid spot on our list.

26. Wisconsin

2008 Ranking: 22

Winters are long in Wisconsin, leaving lots of time for drunken debauchery and wild parties, leading to lots of very corrupt hot college girls wandering around Madison. Every year we do this list the quality of Wisconsin women surprises me, it definitely defies some of the stereotypes you typically hear about the state.

25. UCLA

2008 Ranking: 7

UCLA draws from what is probably the most beautiful city in the country, and it’s probably a toss up whether they or USC has the hottest cheerleaders in the nation.

24. North Carolina State

2008 Ranking: 33

Not quite as famous as their Chapel Hill counterparts, but still lots of grade A talent at this Raleigh campus. North Carolina is probably an underrated state overall for hot college girls.

23. Utah

2008 Ranking: 29

It truly is a paradox, Mormon girls are some of the hottest on earth, and yet they are Mormon. But Utah is a bit of a compromise, because, after all, it’s not BYU at least.

22. Ohio State

2008 Ranking: 24

Numbers are in your favor at Ohio State, with over 25k female undergrads. In the spring walking around the Oval can be damn near a religious experience with all the girls taking full advantage of warmer temperatures.

21. Washington

2008 Ranking: 19

The University of Washington features one of the most gorgeous natural settings in America, with Mount Ranier visible from campus and the school sits at the edge of the Union and Portage Bays. This attracts lots of granola loving hot girls, so if you’re into that type you’d be in heaven at UW.

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